Monday, 20 September 2010

The things i get roped in to . .

Hi Folks,
My cousin turned 21 last week and several weeks prior to the big day I managed to end up with the creative job of baking and decorating the cake. Now I love to bake and decorate cakes for my kids but i was a tad mystified what i would do for a 21 year old female! In the end i decided to play on her past achievements as Miss Teen Ulster and create a fondant model to drape over the cake. I made a little fondant banner and painted Miss 21 on it and on the little fondant tiara. Needless to say when she saw the cake she wanted to know why i'd made her bum and hips look so big, lol!
As usual it was all very rushed and last minute. The base was a vanilla sponge and the top tier a caramel chocolate one. Both were covered using plain white fondant icing.
It turned out to be a success at least and was enjoyed by many!
Thanks for looking

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