Monday, 24 February 2014

Bad Blogger Blush

"Where have you been?" I hear you ask.

"Its been how long?" I hear the whispers.

I know, I know I have been unbelievably neglectful of my blogging duties! For that I must apologise.
To be honest I have had such a busy 18th months and a shift in family life that crafting and blogging were not up the list of priorities.
I had baby number four (four I hear a gasp...) yes four so i am continually kept on my toes with my young and very lively family.
 Photo: How pleased is she at stealing chocolate from her brothers selection box!?
This is my baby, very proud of pinching her big sisters chocolate!!
I have become actively invovled in my oldest two childrens primary school, a lovely little rural school, and I still participate in various church activties.
Crafting has taken a turn for me and I have rekindled my love for sewing and my passion for crochet and all things woolen has merely taken on a whole new level. The chidlren have lots of lovely crochet items to keep them cosy. I have lots of pictures in posts to follow!
I have also began reading a lot more over the past year. "When does she find the time?" I hear you query. To be honest it is hard but when sleep just seems to avoid me I real or when its a cold blustery day and the kids are constructing a masterpiece out of lego i delve into the pages for a brief encounter with some very talented writers.
It is my aim (I will try to stick to it) that I will be a better blogger and share my crafting and maybe even my reading with you. I have been taking pictures like mad over the last few projects with the intention of sharing them here with you. So please join me once again on my blogging journey.


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